KAYO Origin

As the first Chinese Company which designs and creates the off-road motorcycles, KAYO began to manufacture pit bikes and exported them to European Market since 2002. Spending ten years working in HONDA before KAYO company is established, KAYO’s Chairman Mr Jigang Dai shapes unique corporate strategy and entrepreneur spirit that is distinct to most Chinese companies and share similar values with western companies. Based on Dai’s leadership, KAYO has faith in quality and reputation.

KAYO Today

KAYO is regarded as the toppest company in off-road motorcycles industry in China. In 2017, KAYO company produced 45,000 pit bike, dirt bike and ATV. KAYO pit bike has been appointed by Chinese government as the racing bike in the national races, and also KAYO dirt bike leads the orientation of the whole Chinese dirt bike market. KAYO brand is the most famous off-road motorcycles brand in China. KAYO racing team is the most famous in China off-road field, gathers and owns a national race team named “Team KAYO”, including female, teenager and male athletes and champions.


KAYO Value

We are a responsible manufacturer which focuses on high-quality off-road motorcycles and ATVs with small and medium displacement range. With the best completion of the reliable quality and reasonable price, it makes KAYO can get an outstanding competitive advantage in the market.


Choose to cooperate with KAYO, can make your career not temporary but sustainable flourish!